Digital Altitude Marketing System Setup


STEP 1: Log in and to start. First you will need a Domain.

The easiest way to set up a domain is to register for a domain in the back office.

When creating a domain name try to make one up that would be relevant.

Once you are logged in click the "Add Your Domain" Button.


STEP 2: Click on the Link "Companies You Promote".

STEP 3: Companies You Promote.


IMPORTANT: Watch the below video for setup instructions.

Setting up the Dynamic Link within the DA Marketing System.


STEP 4: Share Code for the DA Marketing System Funnel.


Paste this share code 185166-dal in the 'My Sharing Codes' section.

To get there, hover over 'Websites', then click on 'My Sharing Codes'.

Paste in this share code: 185166-dal and then click 'Submit'.

STEP 5: Click on Websites.

'Websites' is a main header across the top.

By now you should have either purchased or transferred a domain and possibly set up a subdomain.

Down a little (after clicking on 'Websites') and look for this drop down menu:

(1) In the dropdown menu for: 'Choose Which Domain To Set Up':
Select the Website You want to use for DA Marketing System.

(2) In the dropdown menu for: 'I want to attract someone to...'
Select: 'become a Prospect  of whatever I want'

Scroll Down to: DA Marketing Simplified
Click on:  'Use this one'

Scroll Down to the Bottom of the page and click on:
'Save My Choice'

Step 6: You are Finished

 You are now finished setting up your Lead Capture page, email campaign, and Funnel.
Now give everyone the URL you set up and promote: the DA Marketing System.


Auxiliary Information: More Training

It is important that when setting up a sub-domains that you do not use the www's in a sub-domain.

For additional training roll over "Training" on the Menu Bar and Select "Training Area".

On the Training Page, If you haven't set up an account for the training site click: CREATE USERNAME & PASSWORD but if you have an account then click: CLICK TO LOGIN

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